Gearing up to help the less fortunate

As Ramadan approaches and the Muslim community prepares for their holy fasting period, Jabulani Centre non-profit organisation in Parkwood has not forgotten about the less privileged.

Founder Yasmine Abrahams says each year during Ramadan they open their doors to the wider community, catering for everyone who comes to their feeding programmes.

She says the numbers keep growing and this year they are expecting up to 700 people including their regulars. Attendees will be fed a meal every evening.

The programme feeds 300 learners from various schools in the nearby communities.

The learners are provided with meals twice a day; a sandwich in the morning and a meal after school.

The centre is at Dove Road and it relies on sponsorships and donations, and works with volunteers to render its services.

Abrahams says though it is not always easy, she cannot say no to hungry people who come knocking at her door, especially during Ramadan, a period where most in the Muslim community goes an entire day without food.

Abrahams says Parkwood is one of the poverty-stricken communities, which despite the social challenges, still have people who put their faith in Allah.

“Fasting is for everyone and we cannot deprive that opportunity to anyone who cannot afford to have a decent meal during the Iftar period, for the rest of the month,” Abrahams says.

Abrahams says they have faith that the community and local businesses, “will once again come through to help us.”

She says for more than 20 years, the Parkwood community has been supportive and residents would volunteer or donate.

This year, Abrahams says they need more rice donations, vegetables and any other kitchen essentials to help make their feeding process a success.

She says more manpower to help the regular volunteers would also be appreciated.V For more information about helping with preparations for the Ramadan and volunteering call Yasmine Abrahams on 072 708 5080.