Zim govt says it doesn’t have funds to pay displaced white farmers – report

The Zimbabwean government has reportedly said that it does not have money to pay white farmers who were evicted during the country’s chaotic land reform programme.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, compensating the farmers was seen as key to unlocking fresh financial support and restoring relations with the international community.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has pledged to pay the farmers but the treasury indicated recently that it presently did not have the funds to commit to the exercise, the report said.

“While work on the extent of government’s obligation is still to be finalised, the resources required to compensate and put closure to this important issues (compensation of displaced commercial farmers is obviously beyond the capacity of budget to finance,” the treasury was quoted as saying in its investment and expenditure plan for 2019 booklet.

During the budget speech last month, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said the government was still working on determining the amount it had to pay to the evicted farmers.

Meanwhile, the country’s land and agricultural ministry recently said that it wasseeking $40m to compensate former white farmers, with the government promising to pay half of the amount, according toNewsDay.