Future of SA rhino farmers in the spotlight

The future of South African rhino farmers will be placed in the spotlight at a special meeting between the University of the Free State (UFS and Indonesian rhino conservationists.

This will be held at the UFS campus in Bloemfontein on Monday (26/08.

The aim of the meeting is to address the problem of the killing of these species and work to This is an effort to complement campaigns to reduce the demand for rhino horns.

“South African rhino farmers own half of the rhino population in the country – estimated at 15 000 to 18 000 rhinos. Many of them have already started to get rid of their rhinos and are considering discontinuing rhino farming, as it is not profitable,” says Dr Francois Deacon, senior lecturer in the Department of Animal, Wildlife and Grassland Sciences at the UFS.

“However, if they can trade with the rhino horns, people will return to the industry and possibly create an increase in rhino numbers and the protection of more conservation habitat.”

The meeting will look into the possibilty of legally selling rhino horns to the East, thereby reducing the demand for black-market trade.